Team Passing into Second round!

Now it’s the time that all of you looking forward to. The teams that pass to second round of KKU-ICEM 2018 will be show in the following pictures. Ps. The orders are not related to the score

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Check your ID & Seat Number for 1st Round Here!

Now you can check your ID and Seat Number for 1st round from the following link   ID and Seat Number List Seat Layout   Please contact us if you have any problem.

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our trip 2 and 3 are full now

We have to inform all delegates that ** our trip no.2 and 3 : spa & thai massage and Ubolratana dam are full now** Thank you so much for choosing our trip. ❤️ Hope you’ll love it

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Time to choose your trip !!!

For all delegates, On 2nd April afternoon, we proudly provide you with sightseeing tours around Khon kaen city, including 1) Walk rally 2) Spa & Thai massage (limits for only 40 delegates) 3) Natural trip : Ubolratana Dam, Little box cafe(limits for only 30 delegates) **1 delegate can choose only 1 trip *Please fill the […]

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How to register ?

You’re all invited to join KKU ICEM 2017 To register, just follow few simple steps below. 1. Click the menu bar then select ‘Registration’ 2. Read the registration details and scroll down you’ll find this link. 3. Then, fill in the blank and click ‘register’  Finished!! When we received the information, we’ll shortly send the […]

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Please complete your info

Before February 28th, we would like to kindly ask you to complete your team member information in your account for KKU ICEM 2017. Warm Regards,

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New Agenda for participants

Dear all participants, There’s some change regarding our Agenda. We have rearranged the afternoon activites on April 2nd and 3rd, 2016 as in the orange cells. The “Minisongkran Festival” are put to 2nd of April instead, and we extend the Tour Program on 3rd of April. P.S. Don’t forget to register !!!!!!!!! There are only 7 […]

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Another Downloadable Links

Good afternoon, We have put on another downloadable links of the following files: 1) Invitation Package: CLICK 2) Survival Guide: CLICK 3) Sample Questions: CLICK Warm Regards, OC

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Observer Program

Dear all, We are very excited to announce you a great news which is — “KKU ICEM are accepting observers to join all activities and observe the competition. The observers can be anyone and don’t have to belong to any medical schools joining the Event. We are accepting unlimited number of observers.” For more information […]

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Invitation Package

Hello, We added Invitation Package to the website. You can check it out in the Package links or browse our FB page! Enjoy! warm regards,

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