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What Will You Get To Do in KKU ICEM 2020?

Loads of workshops, loads of trips, loads of fun!

Note: Delegates are advised to arrive before the welcome party on evening (17:00 GMT+7) of 27 March (Day 1), and depart from Khon Kaen on or after morning of 31 March (Day 5)

  • Day 1 – 27 March 2020
  • Day 2 – 28 March 2020 (Qualifying Round)
  • Day 3 – 29 March 2020
  • Day 4 – 30 March 2020 (Stage Rounds)
  • Day 5 – 31 March 2020


This year we have an exclusive emergency ultrasound workshop by our dedicated professors. We’re sure you will get loads of experience.


A new exciting meeting for advisors who have nowhere to go during the participants take the tests. You are invited to share your ideas.


Another can’t miss. Learn about culture of Thailand. Experience various of Thai stuff, and lastly join the water fight at the “Mini-Songkran Festival”


There will be 3 trips for you to choose from: Let’s Go Rally, Farmyard Experience, Relax with Thai Massage. Whether you want to go to an exciting trip or a peaceful one, you can choose your own experience!

Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen University (KKU) was established as the major university in the Northeastern part of Thailand in 1964 and has developed itself to become one of the top universities in Thailand.  Khon Kaen University has recently become one of the nine national research universities in Thailand and an educational center in the Mekong sub-region. The university’s major mission is to prepare future global citizens to work in a continually changing world. KKU’s strategic goal is to be recognized both internationally and regionally as a leading university in research.

Our campus serves as the leading educational and learning centre of the Northeastern region. It is conveniently located a few kilometers from the center of the city and is situated on a large, safe, and attractive site of green fields measuring 900 hectares. KKU has excellent facilities and thus provides its students with an environment conducive to learning and with the proper support to achieve academic success.  Additionally, KKU takes an investment-minded approach to education by providing funds for students to pursue their goals of higher education through study and research.

Facts and Figures:

–  22 Faculties and Colleges with more than 2,200 academic staff and 8,500 supporting staff
–  40,000 students including 10,000 postgraduates and 500 overseas students
–  340 study programs (101 Undergraduate programs, 138 in Masters Degree programs, 77 in Doctoral Degree programs and 24 Graduate Diploma programs)
–  43 International programs

Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University 

“World class medical school that brings value to Thai society and all mankind”

We are the first medical school in the northeast region of Thailand, and the leading academic center. The faculty was establish on the 9th of September 1972 and provided one of the largest hospitals in Thailand, Srinagarind Hospital.

Interdisciplinary and integrative teaching and research are particular strengths in our mission is to produce medical practitioners as well as a range of complementary support scientists and lecturers to serve Thailand, especially in the northeastern region.  Our emphases are on family medicine and community health as well as being a collaborative research center for addressing endemic health problems.

‘Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, rank among the top tropical disease researchers in Asia,’ said Yukun Harsono, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Elsevier Inc., at the 4th QS University Rankings and Evaluation Workshop, held in Singapore (November, 2010).  We can proudly say that the Faculty of Medicine, KKU is one of Asia’s best destinations for tropical disease research.  Indeed, we had the largest number of fractional publications in Tropical Medicine and Parasitology among Asian Pacific countries.


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