FAQs — Frequently asked questions

Q: Can Medical students in preclinical years join the competition?

A: Medical students, either in preclinical or clinical medical years, are allowed to apply for the competition but please note that the competition contains objective student clinical exam, so medical students in clinical years will be preferred.

Q: Can we stay in the hotel for more than 4 nights?

A: Yes, but you will have to pay for an extra cost. Please inform us early, so we can arrange it for you.

Q: If we cannot provide some information on the day of registration, can we send them to you later?

A: Yes, you can send the missing information to our e-mail later.

Q: Does the registration fee include the transportation to and from our country or city?

A: We are sorry to inform you that transportation to and from your country or city are not included in the registration fee.  We will provide you transportation as soon as you arrive Khon Kaen and throughout the event.