Khon Kaen University’s International Challenge of Emergency Medicine and its related Basic Sciences.


What is KKU ICEM??

KKU ICEM is an Emergency Medicine competition where medical students around the globe come and compete to become “the best of Emergency Medicine”. More importantly, we will create unforgettable memories together and experience beautiful cultures from different countries.


Emergency medical condition is vital. The accurate diagnosis can save a life while a simple mistake may lead to an unforgivable prognosis.  Hence, Emergency Medicine must be recognized as crucial. Despite its importance, Emergency Medicine is sometimes not the compulsory curriculum.

The Medical Student Union of Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University would like to arrange this International Challenge to emphasize the significance of the Emergency Medicine to all international medical students.

This event is also held to create a connection for those who are interested in this particular spectrum of Medicine.

Compete with medical students around the globe

Experience the most memorable moments


Meet new friends from many countries.
Be overwhelmed by delightful culture of Thailand.
Have an opportunity to attend workshops for the future career.
Enjoy finger licking delicious food.
Create an unforgettable moments.